Camping Companions by Justin

For those of you who have never been camping before. Go out there and get into nature.

We have met so many nice, helpful and happy people in our travels. I have seriously learned some great things that will help me so much in our future travels. Not only was there a serious learning curve with owning an Airstream and all the bits and pieces that go with traveling the open road. I didn’t really know how to tow a 7200 pound trailer. Driving with a rig is something someone has to grow comfortable with, but still be aware and conscious of ones surroundings at all times. Every vehicle is different and you hope you find that close to perfect fit for your RV. I very quickly understood where I needed to center my vehicles within the lane and to slow it down by about 10 MPH. Patience is virtue and I must say I have become a very safe driver.

Now let’s throw this baby in reverse. Patience is lacking and I’m not getting it. Backed up, while turning around on a ranch driveway and nicked the back driver side corner on the trailer. Then backing into our site on the Curecanti Recreational NP, I jacked the back passenger corner, pretty bad. Although both these dents can be popped out, I was very discouraged.
My White bearded angel swept into action while I was destroying my back end at Curecanti Recreational NP. He most likely heard the crinkling of metal and just appeared in the front of my truck. Honestly I did not see where he came from. He stood in front of my truck and made the motion of how I was to turn my wheel at every moment. It clicked. I now understood that I did not need to over compensate for the trailer. Just turn the wheel all the way and then quickly straighten out. This was said to me so many times, but never clicked. Thanks to the bearded angel who disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

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