My name is Amanda Vrany, and for thirteen years, I worked at one of the most highly respected consulting firms, The Boston Consulting Group.  I was a Practice Area Coordinator for the Consumer Practice which really meant that I was an administrative jack of all trades.  Event planning, financial analysis, marketing and communications expert, creative thinker…. these were all part of my every day work life.  But I craved so much more.  I craved more time with my family.  I craved more time to do the things we love.  We love to travel, explore, and expose ourselves to new experiences, so we decided to embark on a different journey.


My husband and I are both passionate about food and protecting the environment.  We live values that are a bit different fr

om the mainstream.  As home environmentalists, we are trying our best to raise a family with the smallest environmental footprint possible.  To us, that is so much more than just driving a Prius.  It’s about embracing minimalism, being conscious of everything we buy, and managing our waste.  We are a zero-garbage family.  We are conscious consumers.  We understand our power lies in the choices we make about how we spend, or do not spe

nd, our money.

We are passionate about the environment for purely selfish reasons….. we love nature.  We love nothing more than a long hike in the woods, a contempletive walk along the lake or eating something directly from our garden.  Living in the city of Chicago, we are finding it harder and harder to stay connected to nature.  We are finding it harder to protect our natural resources. We want to spend time away from the cars and chaos of city life.

Check out my blog posts on Wednesdays and Fridays to learn more about the trip planning process, our budget, and the every day logistical questions you might have regarding living with three other people in a small tin can while tooling all around the country.