Tabatha and Micah are very creative kids. Tabatha is eight and she’s our creative questioner.  Micah is five and he is the imaginative animal lover.  Here’s what they have to say about themselves. 

I am Tabatha, and I am in 2nd grade and have great handwriting.  I love listening to music (Taylor Swift, The Beatles, High School Musical), eating cookies, reading books (Roald Dahl books, Disney Descendants, Katie DiCamillo) and dressing up in fancy clothes.  For our trip, I am most excited about becoming a Junior Ranger at the National Parks, camping at Disney World, and spending Christmas at my grandma and grandpa’s house.  I will be writing each week about all the things I see and learn on our trip.  So stop on by to read my silly, fun-facts page.  Bye bye.

I am Micah, and I am in preschool.  I have a BIG imagination, and I love to play Star Wars, Peter Pan and Pirates, Ninjago and swordfighting with my dad.  I am a good swimmer and a good kicker.  I love animals, especially prairie dogs, and I’m trying to learn their language, so I can talk to them.  I hope to see a lot of cool animals on our trip and maybe I could become like Mowgli in The Jungle Book and live among the animals.  Since I don’t know how to read or write yet (my mom is typing this for me), I will be taking photos and videos, so you can experience our trip through my eyes.  Be on the lookout for my videos, as well as snakes.  They are scary, and they are everywhere!  You’ve been warned.