Life in the Airstream: Showers by Amanda

Yes, the Airstream has a shower, so we do have the ability to bathe. In theory. Our first summer in Silvia, the hot water igniter was broken and we had to go several months without hot water, which made showering in the Airstream difficult. Often times we are in a campsite that does not provide our own water hook-up, which means we need to hold water in our tanks and do our best to conserve what we have. Justin showers in the Airstream exclusively, but the rest of us will often use the public showers at the campgrounds that we are visiting. Sometimes these shower facilties are gorgeous, and we soak up the luxury of a fancy shower. Other times the showers are rather scary… old tile, barely any water pressure, lots of bugs. In California, you had to feed quarters into a box to get luke warm water on a timer. That was not fun! So showering can be tricky and again requires some planning…. how long will we need to go until we get to a place with either a water hookup or a shower facility. Sometimes the answer to that question can be a week or more. Yikes!

Needless to say, we are not showering every day! Not even close. In the hot summer, we tend to shower every three days, though we are often in pools or lakes and can kind of get clean and go a stretch longer than that. In the winter, we tend to shower once a week. Don’t judge. It’s really not that bad. You might wonder, how long have each of us gone without showering? Don’t ask, the answer will shock you!

Since I often am without a shower but still need to be around people, there are several products that I have found that help keep me tidy so that I do not offend the public with my general appearance. These are my own personal endorsements for products that work for me! No one is paying me (I WISH!) to plug these products.

Love Beaty and Planet’s Showerless Cleansing Mist…. The back of the bottle asks you, “Ever had a shower without water?” This product can give you the illusion that you just took a shower. I spritz this around my entire body each morning and I feel refreshed afterward. It has a light feel to the skin and a mild coconut smell.

St. Ives Cleansing Stick….. Since water is often at a premium, I love cleaning my face with this at night. You crank the stick up and rub it all around your face. Rub it in like a lotion. Then you just need a little water on a washcloth to wipe it off and have a clean face for the night.

Witch Hazel…. When you have no water at all and still need to clean your face, I love to use simple Witch Hazel. I like the T.N. Dickinson’s brand. I just put a bit on a cotton ball and wipe down my face. This is also great for healing burns, helping with mosquito bites, etc.

Dry Shampoo….. The recent invention of Dry Shampoo has been a God send for me. I really like the OGX brand of hair products, and I love their Dry Shampoo. I give a few sprays in the morning and I can go a few days, at least, before my hair starts looking like a greasy mess and I have to stick it under a hat.

Really fragrant lotion….. I like to use the Pacifica brand of moisturizing lotions because they feel great on my skin and they have a strong scent. Right now I am using the Persian Rose. Not only does the lotion feel great on my skin, but it almost acts like a perfume as well.

I am finding now that my hair is getting used to life on the road that it is looking better between washings then it did when I was washing it every day. Usually day one, two and three my hair looks pretty good. Day four becomes a pony-tail day, and day five onward becomes baseball cap days.

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