Progressive Colorado by Justin

I really love Colorado. The diverse climates are all exciting. The Great Sand Dunes NP is a great example of diversity. All in a relatively small area are Alpine, Subalpine, Dessert, Plains and Marsh eco-systems.

Just outside of Denver was Red Rock Amphitheater. While we were there, Governor John Hickenlooper spoke to us about how all the sales for bottled water would now be donated to the Colorado river systems. This money would be used to help the Colorado river system’s flow back to their natural running course. Throughout the years man has disturbed these natural ways and now bottled water will help fix these hiccups. Just keep recycling those bottles with the caps on. Another great system at Red Rock was the garbage systems which consisted of compost and sorted recycling. Nothing was given to the public that could not be recycled or composted. All outside drink and food was prohibited, only water bottles allowed. I like it, control your venue and everyone can have fun responsibly.

Great systems that show how Colorado is trying to move toward a healthier future with big venues leading the way, hopefully the average Joe will pay attention. With this said the only other place that composted was Garden of the Gods and with a name like that they better! I was able to throw all my compost of the past month in with theirs. Cheers to the Garden of the Gods! No cheers to most of the other places we stayed else ware in the state. Most parks and RV sites had a trash bin and that was it.

Slow process even for a progressive state such as Colorado.

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