The Junior Ranger Program by Tabatha

Today I finished a Junior Ranger Program at Great Sand Dunes NP!!! Me and Micah like having partners for the JRP. My partner is Dad and Micah’s partner is Mom. There is a Visitor Center and there are a lot of things there to help you with the program. There are activities in the book like BINGO or a Word Search or maybe you have to draw a picture of something and the activities are all different. A lot of times you have to find things like flowers or a plant or maybe just a Park Ranger. Like I said, ‘’ It’s always different.’’ I like the programs because they are fun and I work really hard on them. The hardest ones are when you have to think hard because I do not like thinking hard. Most of the National Parks have a JRP and when you finish you get a badge!!! I am excited to go to more and get more badges. Below is a photo of the badges I’ve collected so far.  More to come next week!!!

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  1. Keep up the hard work Tabatha! I hope there is enough room in the trailer for all your badges and souvenirs! Travel on!

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