The Truck Hunt by Justin

When we bought the 25 foot Safari Airstream, weighing about 7,200 pounds, we knew we were going to need a truck or SUV with the tow capacity of at least 9,000 pounds. Turned out our options were in abundance. Fuel economy was a huge factor in our purchasing decision, so we decided on a Dodge 1500 Big Horn Eco-Diesel. Best MPG and Dodges DEF Additive version seems to be a bit more environmentally friendly. I know driving across the country will not be very sustainable, but for what is available on the market now, and within our price range, the 2015 Ram is a crowd pleaser with this family.

In my research I came across an Electric truck made by Workhorse right here in America. Hopefully one day I will be able to tow Silvia (our Airstream) with a Workhorse truck, but currently their commercial truck will not be hitting the market until 2019. It’s a great concept with lots of government tax breaks and fuel economy perks. Needless to say we need to focus on using renewable sources of energy to fuel these new trucks or we still just keep polluting the planet with Big Coal instead of Big Oil. I would love one day to have a truck that could run off the solar panels that were on Silvia. Imagine myself driving down the road and sucking up the rays for FREE. Come on a guy can dream!

In the end, besides the negligence on our part, the dealerships part or some thrifty thief who got startled before he took off with our tires and rims, we are happy with our new truck. It handles very well pulling Silvia and has every option we need for storage. The added luggage rack works great for strapping the Kayak and the short bed is great for bikes and toys.
The best part about the truck is that it can handle the haul keeping everyone safe during our travels. A pretty smart guy gave me his opinion and advice about being safe on the road. I’m glad I took it!