Winterize My Climate Controlled Warehouse by Justin

We took Silvia (our Airstream) out of a Climate controlled warehouse, but we never winterized her. To say the least, it has been interesting. We went out on Memorial Day to find out we had a busted water heater, toilet, and water pump. Being a complete novice with RV repairs, I hit the web and You Tube to start researching. I learned that RV’s use PEX tubing instead of copper and it’s pretty easy to work with. I bought a crimper, some PEX pipe, clamps, elbow and straight fittings for about $40 and went to work. Basically the PEX pipe is cut to the size needed, slip a clamp ring on the tube and then a fitting. Then take the tool that looks like a large set of wire cutters and using all your might, crimp that clamp to the pipe. Keep repeating this process using straight and elbow fittings until pipe is completed. By chance you do have a leak cut the pipe to remove the fitting and use the PEX fitting remover tool to save the fitting for another time.
I ran into problem after problem trying to epoxy glue the old toilet and trying to track down parts online. In the end the guy who never buys new is telling you to just buy exactly the same parts new for the RV. This was very hard for me to do, but I managed to sell or give away the broken parts, diverting them from the trash a little while longer.

I’ll have to admit I was a little intimidated by the water heater, but it took me about five hours to remove the old water heater, scrape all the caulk away and install the new one. There are three great videos on You Tube that made the job a breeze. Some helpful hints: take pictures, use a chair to place water heater on when wiring and take your time.

In the end it all worked out, but I will never put Silvia in storage again without winterizing her.

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  1. Silvia – that’s interesting. There must be a story there some place. At least, you didn’t name her “the evil queen” or some such name considering the problems you had. Of course, the problems were somewhat self-inflicted though you did not know at the time that you were inflicting them. Kudos to you that you addressed the problem and came out on top.

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